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    The Forensic Hospital

    The Forensic Hospital
    The Forensic Hospital is a 135 bed, high secure mental health facility operated by Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network on behalf of NSW Health.
    The Forensic Hospital was purpose-designed and built to enhance the delivery of contemporary clinical programs.  It has five accommodation units covering the clinical spectrum from high dependency, acute care, continuing care to long stay/rehabilitation. There are specialised units within the Forensic Hospital for adolescents and women.

    The Forensic Hospital accommodates:
    • Formal forensic patients (persons found not guilty of an offence by reason of mental illness or are unfit to plead because of mental illness).
    • Correctional patients (sentenced and remanded inmates who become mentally ill while in custody and require treatment in a mental health facility).
    • Civil patients who require care in a high secure environment.

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