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    The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (or the GIPA Act) came into effect on 1 July 2010 and replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989. The GIPA Act is designed to meet community expectations of a more open and transparent Government for the people of NSW.

    The Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC) has been established to promote public awareness and understanding of the new GIPA Act. The Information Commissioner also monitors government agencies' compliance with the GIPA Act.

    You can find out more about your right to information and new ways to access NSW government information by contacting the the Information and Privacy Commission NSW(IPC) at:

    Information and Privacy Commission NSW (IPC)

    Office Address: Level 17, 201 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
    Mailing Address: GPO Box 7011, Sydney NSW 2001
    Phone: 1800 INFOCOM (1800 472 679)

    Accessing our agency's information

    Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network publishes a range of information under the GIPA Act and other relevant legislation -

    2016-17 GIPA reporting

    2015-16 GIPA Reporting

    2014-15 GIPA Reporting

    2013-14 GIPA Reporting

    Follow the links below to access:
    Health Records Government Information
    Request access to patient Health Records under the HRIP Act Request access to government information under the GIPA Act
    Open Access Information Information Not Disclosed
    Obtain open access information available to the public Review details of information not disclosed to the public

    If you are unable to find the information you are seeking, please contact the Right to Information Officer by email, phone or by formal application.

    Questions? Contact:

    Right to Information Officer

    Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network
    PO Box 150
    Matraville NSW 2036
    Phone: (02) 9700 3000
    Fax: (02) 9700 3744