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    Jobs are also sometimes advertised in the main employment sections of newspapers and on – you will be directed to apply through NSW eRecruit website.

    If you have not registered yet in eRecruit you will need to complete a registration screen.

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    JH&FMHN Respecting the Difference: Cultural Awareness Training

    The Respecting the Difference: Cultural Awareness Training is aimed at developing a deeper cultural awareness of issues faced by Indigenous Australians and to equip staff with the skills to improve the delivery of health services to our Indigenous patients.

    Respecting the Difference is not simply just about education, it’s about cultural change. Staff will explore Aboriginal culture, customs, heritage and protocols as part of the training initiative and learn some valuable skills in how to better engage with Indigenous patient as a means of improving the delivery of health care services to them.

    Ministry of Health, Aboriginal Workforce in NSW Health Resources

    Stepping Up – Recruitment Resource for Aboriginal People

    Stepping Up is NSW Health’s recruitment resource for Aboriginal people. It aims to assist Aboriginal job applicants understand how to apply for roles in NSW Health, and hiring managers to more effectively structure the recruitment to roles within NSW Health.

    For Employment related matters, contact.

    Coordinator Workforce Aboriginal Development
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    Or Phone 9700 3000 Office
    Office Location - Round House - Malabar