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    Staff Benefits

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    JH&FMHN offers a range of benefits to its staff including:

    Learning and Development Leave

    JH&FMHN offers targeted Learning and Development leave for employees undertaking tertiary studies at an accredited educational institution. We also offer leave to attend relevant external activities, such as conferences, seminars, and short courses.

    JH&FMHN is committed to creating a culture of organisational learning and professional development for all staff. The internal education for the organisation provides staff with the opportunity to participate in training programs and initiatives that develop their skills, knowledge and workplace competence in their area of expertise.

    Additional Holidays and Leave

    JH&FMHN offers unique public sector leave options in to four weeks annual leave including:

    • Monthly allocated days off
    • Family and Community Services leave 
    • Parental leave; and maternity leave options 
    • Minimum four weeks leave (up to additional 3 weeks leave for working weekends and shift work)

    *Conditions apply to some leave types. Workforce should be consulted for the specific award conditions.

    Recognition and Awards Program

    The Network recognises, encourages and values the positive contribution of staff ensuring exemplary work is recognised and rewarded. The Recognition & Awards Program recognises our employees through the following formal awards, the Employee of the Year Award, Team Award, and Quality Awards, Local work place recognition through the Values Based Recognition program as well as Innovation Challenges and Service Awards.

    Fitness passport

    Fitness Passport allows eligible employees and their immediate family members a greatly discounted membership to Health and Fitness Facilities, including aquatic centres and swimming pools.

    The passport encompasses over 330 gyms and leisure facilities in NSW (most of which are based in Sydney), including major fitness franchises (including numerous ‘platinum’ Fitness First gyms), as well as an array of highly regarded suburban stand-alone facilities. 

    If you are interested in joining fitness passport register online at: or visit: for further information.

    Research opportunities

    Research is an important aspect in any health environment. JH&FMHN is particularly focused on the health issues of those people that come into contact with the forensic and criminal justice system, in community, inpatient or custodial settings. Our research informs the direction of our organisation in achieving the best possible health care outcomes for our unique patient population.

    For more information on research within JH&FMHN please visit:

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