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    Performance & Planning

    The Performance and Planning directorate is responsible for the Network’s whole-of-organisation planning, performance, research and evaluation, and communication functions, including analysis and coordination of JH&FMHN responses to wider health and external reform activities.

    Performance and Planning is also the Network’s primary contact point with the Ministry of Health, Ministers’ offices, other agencies and jurisdictions, as well as members of the public and media.

    The directorate consists of the following clusters:

    • Aboriginal Health Unit
    • Executive Support Unit
    • Performance Improvement
    • Research & Evaluation Service
    • Clinical & Corporate Governance 

    Aboriginal Health Unit

    The Aboriginal Health Unit is focused on expanding Aboriginal Health service delivery and improving health services and outcomes for Aboriginal patients across the Network.   This is particularly important given Aboriginal people in custody are significantly over-represented and experience even higher rates of health disadvantage than the general custodial population – an already vulnerable group.

    Executive Support Unit

    ESU provides a range of services to assist JH&FMHN and its staff, including coordination of the Network’s corporate and external communications, analysis and advice on Government policy and legislative changes that impact the Network, management of the internal culture improvement project, Focusing on Care, liaison with the Ministry of Health, Ministers, and other Government agencies and jurisdictions;  and administrative support to the Chief Executive, including coordination of the Network Executive Team and Senior Leadership Forum.

    Performance Improvement 

    Performance Improvement (PI) provides a system-wide view to drive the Network’s Performance Improvement framework. This is achieved by leading patient-centred and outcome-focused strategic planning efforts, coordinating and delivering organisational redesign and innovation activities, driving rigorous performance measurement and reporting processes and building organisational capability for performance improvement and the implementation of new initiatives and projects.

    Research & Evaluation Service

    The Research & Evaluation Service supports the Network to continuously improve patient health services by conducting and facilitating academic research and program evaluation. This provides an evidence base specific to the needs of the Network's patients, staff and practice.

    For further information regarding research within JH&FMHN click here.

    Clinical & Corporate Governance

    The Clinical & Corporate Governance Unit incorporates a variety of corporate and clinical governance functions and provides support for frontline staff as well as high-level support for senior management.

    Major functions of the Governance Unit include client liaison and complaints management, quality improvement including ongoing involvement in the accreditation cycle, patient safety and clinical risk management, legal advice and coordination, support of Board and Peak Governance Committee activities, coordination of internal audit and support for the Medical and Dental Appointments and Advisory Committee (MADAAC).