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    24 hour Mental Health Helpline

    Who can use the service?

    The Helpline is for:

    • inmates,
    • adolescent detainees,
    • their relatives, friends and carers,
    • Corrective Services officers,
    • youth workers.

    Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network staff who are concerned about the welfare of a person in our care should generally make direct contact with the mental service at the Health Centre of the Correctional Centre in which the person is housed rather than contact the Helpline.

    The line is staffed by trained mental health nurses who can provide information, advice and referral on to mental health services.

    The Helpline staff will facilitate the referral of relatives or friends of inmates and detainees to appropriate community agencies with the individual's consent.

    For assistance please call the 24 hour Mental Health Hotline:

    1800 222 472

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