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    Community Reference Group

    Community Reference Group


    The Community Reference Group (CRG) provides a community and consumer perspective on the operations of JH&FMHN. The committee meets quarterly and reports to the JH&HMHN Board.  The CRG is chaired by the Board Chairman Chris Puplick with Board Member Alison Churchill participating.

    The role and responsibilities of the Community Reference Group is to:

    • Advocate for the rights of adult and juvenile offenders to receive high quality health care.
    • Provide a forum for critical and emerging issues to be raised that relate to the provision of health services to adult and juvenile offenders.
    • Provide advice to the Quality Council on critical and emerging issues that will impact on the provision of health services to adult and juvenile offenders.
    • Provide information to adult and juvenile offenders about health services and health related issues.
    • Consult and empower inmates and detainees through broad based feedback, as well as providing an effective forum for consumer participation.
    • Identify new policies, procedures/guidelines, and changes in legislation that will/may impact on health services to adult and juvenile offenders.

    Terms of Reference:

    Community Reference Group - Terms of Reference

    Other means of consumer feedback include:

    Inmate Development Committees (IDC)


    Inmate Development Committees (IDC) are operational across all adult correctional centres. Members of the IDC consist of inmate representatives, the facility General Manager, senior JH&FMHN nursing staff (by invitation) and depending on the facility, other CS NSW senior representatives. The Committees provide a forum to identify and address local issues pertaining to the treatment and care of inmates.

    The JH&FMHN meets with IDCs as part of the Board’s activities when meetings are held at correctional facilities.


    Mental Health Helpline


    1800 222 472

    The Mental Health Helpline is a service provided by Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network. It is a 24-hour mental health telephone access service for individuals and their family and cares currently in custody in the New South Wales criminal justice system. Anyone with any concerns regarding the mental health of an individual in custody can contact the Mental Health Helpline to speak to a mental health professional

    Patient Experience Survey

    Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network undertakes regular patient experience surveys, which aim to assess the perceptions of the NSW custodial population on healthcare services and their access to these services whilst incarcerated.