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    The Network continues to work closely with staff and external partners to advance research in prisoner and forensic mental health and drive evidence-informed international best practice healthcare for our patient population.

    The following groups work in close collaboration to progress priorities outlined in the Network’s internal 2014 - 2017 Research Strategy

    Research Advisory Committee (RAC) A subcommittee of the JH&FMHN Board responsible for leading the Network’s research agenda and implementation of the Research Strategy.
    Research Strategy Team Operationalises and supports integration of the Network’s Research Strategy across the organisation.
    Research & Evaluation Service
    • Assists in determining the Network’s research program and priorities.
    • Conducts formal research projects and collaborations in accordance with standard ethics and governance approval processes.
    • Conducts formal evaluations of Network programs and service areas.
    • Provides specialist support and advice to staff undertaking and utilising research.
    • Delivers strategic training to develop relevant skills in clinical and nursing staff who are currently or prospectively engaging in research.
    Research Leads
    • The Network’s Chair of Forensic Mental Health (a joint position with the University of NSW), leads a program of epidemiological and clinical research focused on forensic mental health.
    • The Network’s Research Lead, Custodial Health, provides expertise and academic leadership to identify and support the integration of research priorities and activities across the Network.
    Our staff Research is conducted by Network staff in a wide variety of settings. Our staff undertake high quality research using a range of methodological paradigms including health prevalence surveys, follow up of cohorts, evaluation of interventions and service models; and trials of novel interventions.


    On the following pages you will find information about:

    1. Research and Evaluation Service (RES)
    2. Current research projects
    3. The Justice Health Human Research Ethics Committee, which reviews, approves and monitors the ethical and scientific aspects of human research.