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    Current Research

    The following are current research projects undertaken by the Research and Evaluation Service (RES) in a lead or partnership role.

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    Current Research – JH&FMHN Lead 

    1. Network Patient Health Survey 2015

      Aim: To provide a snapshot of the demographic makeup of a representative sample of the prison population and to explore in detail their current health status and needs.

      Current Status: Reporting underway.

    2. Young People in Custody Health Survey 2015

      Aim: To examine the physical and mental health status of all young people in custody and to provide a comprehensive understanding of their health needs.

      Current Status: Data entry and analysis underway.

    3. Forensic Patients Health Survey 2015

      Aim: To examine the physical status and provide a detailed investigation of the current mental health of all current forensic patients.

      Current Status: Data collection underway.

    4. Patients Perceptions on Healthcare - Focused Survey

      Aim: To develop an accurate understanding of patients’ evaluation of their healthcare while incarcerated using a mix-methods approach.

      Current Status: Aim to start data collection in August 2016.

    Current Research – JH&FMHN Partner 

    SToP-C (Kirby Institute)

    Aim: The aim of Surveillance and Treatment of Prisoners with Hepatitis C (SToP-C) is to eliminate HCV in NSW correctional centres using the principle of treatment-as-prevention. This project is a pilot study to assess the feasibility of HCV treatment-as-prevention with interferon-free Direct Acting Antivirals (DAAs) in the prison setting.


    Completed research

    1. 2015 Evaluation of Sydney Sobering Up Centre Trial
    2. 2015 Bowel Cancer Screening Pilot Project 2015
    3. 2014 Patient Snapshot Survey
    4. 2011 Evaluation of Smoke-free Forensic Hospital
    5. 2011 Smoking Cessation Randomised Clinical Trial (with UNSW)
    6. 2011 Vaccine Preventable Diseases Study
    7. 2011 Annual Patient Snapshot Survey