Role and function of the Board

The Network Board carries out its functions, responsibilities and obligations in accordance with the Health Services Act 1997 (NSW) and determinations of the NSW Minister for Health.

The Board Charter outlines its primary governing responsibilities, including:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the organisation and its services
  • Monitoring financial and service delivery performance
  • Ensuring clinical governance responsibilities are clearly allocated and understood,
  • Maintaining high standards of professional and ethical conduct
  • Involving stakeholders in decisions that affect them
  • Establishing sound audit and risk management practices.


The Board consists of an independent Chair, 12 members (of whom 10 are independent), and five invited attendees, including the Chief Executive.


The Board’s operations are supported by its seven subcommittees:

  • Finance and Performance Committee
  • Health Care Quality Committee
  • Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Community Reference Group
  • Medical and Dental Appointments Advisory Committee
  • Research Advisory Committee
  • Clinical Council.

Latest Board meeting minutes