Access to Health Records held by Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network can be facilitated through the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (or the HRIP Act).

One of the purposes of the HRIP Act is to promote fair and responsible handling of health information by enabling individuals to gain access to their health information. This may be done through providing a copy of the health information or providing a reasonable opportunity to inspect and take notes from the Health Record.

If you are not the patient, you will need to include written consent from the patient clearly indicating that Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network may disclose the records to you. You will be asked to apply in writing and will be charged the relevant fee.

Access to health information and patient Health Records can be requested through the following steps:

  1. Request the Application form from the Medico-Legal Manager
  2. Complete the form and enclose the relevant fee (refer to the form)
  3. Submit the application and attachments to the address below.

The Medico-Legal Manager

Health Information and Record Service (HIRS)
PO Box 150
Matraville NSW 2038

Phone: (02) 9289 5170
Fax: (02) 9289 5014

Access to your information may be declined in special circumstances (e.g. If it puts you or another person at risk). If you believe the information we hold is incorrect, let us know and we will correct it or make a note in the file.

The Information and Privacy Commission has more information about accessing your health information through public and private health providers.

Applicants are encouraged to access health information under HRIPA. Copies of Health Records or Personal Information can also be accessed under the GIPA Act if the patient or client specifically requests his/her health information under the GIPA Act.