Continuum of Care policies guide patient care from the time of the initial episode of care until separation, and incorporate quality and safety principles into all aspects of care and services.

The Network's policies are below:

Policy No Title Last Revision Date
1.020 Medication Management Sep-19
1.025 Clinical Observation Beds in Health Centres Jan-19
1.036 Health Assessments (Adolescents) Aug-16
1.037 Long Bay Hospital Admission Policy (Referral, Admission and Assessment) Jan-19
1.040 Drug and Alcohol Service Provision Jul-17
1.066 Management of Patients Exposed to Blood or Body Fluids Jun-19
1.070 Child Residents (in Adult Correctional Centres) - Clinical Responsibilities Jan-18
1.075 Clinical Handover (ImpG) Feb-19
1.078 Care Coordination, Assessment, Planning & Review Forensic Hospital Mar-17
1.080 Clinical Services Provided by JH&FMHN Apr-18
1.085 Consent to Medical Treatment - Patient Information Jun-16
1.095 Contraception & Contraceptive Devices Aug-17
1.096 Clinical Procedure Safety  (ImpG) Dec-15
1.100 Plastic Cosmetic Surgery or Plastic Reconstructive Surgery and Tattoo Removal Mar-17
1.111 Court and Police Cell Complexes (Adults) - Healthcare Responsibilities Oct-17
1.120 Management of a Death Jan-18
1.130 Dental Services May-19
1.135 Therapeutic Diets – Clinically Recommended Aug-17
1.141 Release Planning and Transfer of Care Policy - Adult to External Providers Sep-16
1.142 Discharge Planning – Medical Subacute Unit and Aged Care and Rehabilitation Unit, Long Bay Hospital Sep-18
1.170 Early Release for Health Related Reasons Mar-19
1.174 End of Life Care, Resuscitation Plans and Advance Care Directives Jul-18
1.175 Management of Advanced Liver Disease and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Jan-18
1.176 Advanced Nursing Practice Skills for Registered Nurses and Midwives May-19
1.180 Enforced Medication - FH and LBH MHU Apr-16
1.192 Primary Agency for Forensic Patients in Custody (Adults) Mar-17
1.193 Sexual Safety - Forensic Hospital Sep-19
1.215 Wound Assessment & Management Policy Mar-18
1.220 Use of Physical Restraints on Patient within JH&FMHN Sep-18
1.225 Health Assessments in Male and Female Adult Correctional Centres Jul-17
1.230 Health Care Interpreter Services - Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Patients Jun-19
1.231 Health Problem Notification Form (Adults) Sep-19
1.235 Health Problem Notification & Escort Form (Adolescents) Dec-17
1.241 Management and Treatment of Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus Dec-17
1.242 HIV Care Management and Treatment Jun-17
1.245 Immunisation of Patients Oct-17
1.246 Aseptic Technique Policy Nov-18
1.250 Hunger Strikes Apr-17
1.252 Access to Local Public Health Services Jan-18
1.253 Access to Private Health Services Mar-19
1.262 Medical & Nursing Certificates (Adults) Sep-18
1.263 Medical Holds Sep-18
1.275 Management of Suspected Cases of Meningococcal Disease Oct-17
1.300 Afterhours and On-Call Services Statewide Sep-19
1.302 Clinical Management Patients on Prescription Opioid Analgesics Jun-17
1.303 Optometry Services Jan-18
1.316 Pregnancy Care - Forensic Hospital and Long Bay Hospital Aug-16
1.319 Patient Engagement and Observation – Forensic Hospital and Long Bay Hospital Mental Health Unit May-18
1.322 Recognition and Management of Patients who are Clinically Deteriorating (ImpG) Aug-16
1.331 Referrals between CSNSW and JH&FMHN Aug-17
1.335 Referrals of Young People to the Community Integration Team Sep-19
1.336 Referrals (Adults and Adolescents) - Forensic Hospital Nov-18
1.337 Admission (Adults and Adolescents) - Forensic Hospital Nov-18
1.338 Transfer of Care (Adults and Adolescents) - Forensic Hospital Nov-18
1.340 Accommodation - Clinical Recommendations (Adults) Jul-18
1.350 Aggression, Seclusion & Restraint in MH Facilities - LBH MHU (ImpG) Feb-20
1.361 Self-Administration of Coagulation Factor Sep-17
1.362 Patient Self-Referral for Health Assessment in the Adult Ambulatory Care Setting (Non urgent Issues Only) Oct-17
1.363 Early Detection Program for BBVs / STIs Apr-16
1.366 Segregation (Adolescent) Dec-17
1.380 Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour Risk Management Jan-20
1.407 Transport of Forensic Patients from LBH, MRRC and SWCC May-18
1.410 Management of Transgender and Intersex Patients Sep-19
1.422 Tuberculosis - Surveillance & Management of Confirmed & Suspected Cases Oct-16
1.423 Unfit to Attend Court - Health Related Reasons Apr-16
1.425 Venepuncture and Peripheral Cannulation Mar-19
1.430 Management of Pregnant Women in Custody Dec-17
1.434 Working with Families and Carers Feb-20
1.437 Antimicrobial Stewardship Nov-19
1.438 Assisted Reproductive Technology and Parentage Testing Apr-18
1.439 Community Forensic Mental Health Remit of Services Nov-18
1.441 Emergency Sedation FH & LBH MHU Jul-18
1.442 Mental Health Helpline May-18
1.443 Custodial MH Referral Case Management Jan-19


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