Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Justice Health NSW) is a statutory health corporation under the Health Services Act 1997 that is guided by the following policy documents:

Below are policy documents issued by Justice Health NSW.

Policy Function Description
Continuum of Care

Continuum of Care policies guide patient care from the time of the initial episode of care until separation, and incorporate quality and safety principles into all aspects of care and services.

Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management policies ensure appropriate infrastructure and management practices are established to support the organisation in providing quality and safe care and services.

Human Resources

Human Resource policies ensure human resources are managed in a manner that supports the provision of quality and safe care and services.

Clinical Information Management

Clinical Information Management policies ensure appropriate management of clinical information which supports the communication, decision making and evaluation of patient care.

Safe Practice and Environment

Safe Practice and Environment policies ensure a safe, functional and healthy environment for Justice Health NSW staff, consumers, patients and visitors through the effective management of safety risks, buildings, plant, equipment, utilities, consumables, supplies and waste.