Safe Practice and Environment policies ensure a safe, functional and healthy environment for staff, consumers, patients and visitors through the effective management of safety risks, buildings, plant, equipment, utilities, consumables, supplies and waste.

Policy No Title Last Reviewed Date
5.002 Access to Forensic Hospital Feb-20
5.011 Alleged Assaults and Incidents Involving Patients Aug-17
5.015 Child Protection (ImpG) Nov 2022
5.018 Sterilisation and Disinfection Jun-22
5.019 Point of care testing devices Jan-19
5.030 Cytotoxic Management Nov-21
5.035 Duress Alarms and Two-way Radios Nov-18
5.037 Environmental Cleaning (ImpG) Nov 2022
5.040 First Aid Sep-19
5.045 Food Recalls Aug-22
5.070 Infection Prevention & Control Feb-19
5.100 Occupational Exposure Management Jan-19
5.105 Clinical Observers Aug-20
5.110 Work Health & Safety Feb-20
5.123 Safe Introduction of New Interventional Procedures and Medications into Clinical Practice Dec 2019
5.125 Screening of HCWs who Perform Exposure Prone Procedures Nov 2021
5.130 Security & Disposal of Needles & Syringes Dec 2022
5.140 Sexual Assault Management Apr-20
5.155 Management of Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Cessation Policy Apr-21
5.175 Waste Management Jul-14


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