Safe Practice and Environment policies ensure a safe, functional and healthy environment for staff, consumers, patients and visitors through the effective management of safety risks, buildings, plant, equipment, utilities, consumables, supplies and waste.

The Network's policies are below:

Policy No Title Last Reviewed Date
5.011 Alleged Assaults and Incidents Involving Patients Aug-17
5.015 Child Protection (ImpG) Dec-17
5.018 Sterilisation and Disinfection Nov-18
5.019 Point of care testing devices Jan-19
5.020 Hazardous Chemicals Aug-13
5.030 Cytotoxic Management Oct-16
5.035 Duress Alarms and Two-way Radios Nov-18
5.037 Environmental Cleaning (ImpG) Jul-18
5.040 First Aid Sep-19
5.045 Food Recalls Sep-18
5.070 Infection Prevention & Control Feb-19
5.090 Hazardous Manual Tasks Aug-13
5.100 Occupational Exposure Management Jan-19
5.105 Clinical Observers Sep-17
5.110 Work Health & Safety Sep-12
5.115 WHS Risk Management (OH&S Hazard Management) Dec-12
5.123 Safe Introduction of New Interventional Procedures and Medications into Clinical Practice Sep-15
5.125 Screening of HCWs who Perform Exposure Prone Procedures Nov-18
5.130 Security & Disposal of Needles & Syringes Jan-19
5.140 Sexual Assault Management Aug-16
5.155 Management of Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Cessation Policy Dec-17
5.175 Waste Management Jul-14


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