Who we are

Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Justice Health NSW) is a Statutory Health Corporation established under the Health Services Act (NSW) 1997.

We are part of the broader health system reporting to the Minister for Health through the Board and the Secretary, NSW Health.

What we do

Justice Health NSW delivers health care to adults and young people in contact with the forensic mental health and criminal justice systems, across community, inpatient and custodial settings.

We form a vital component of the NSW public health system through its support of a highly vulnerable patient population whose health needs are often numerous and more complex than the wider community.

We are positioned with a unique opportunity to respond to the health needs of these individuals who commonly have had minimal contact with mainstream health services in the community.

We care for over 30,000 patients annually, a health community that is unique in NSW.

In all contexts, Justice Health NSW works closely with a variety of other organisations, including NSW Ministry of Health, Corrective Services NSW, Juvenile Justice, Local Health Districts, Community Controlled Aboriginal Health Organisations, NSW Police Force, Department of Attorney General & Justice, Universities, community groups and advocacy groups.

Our Vision and Values

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