The Network is a dynamic organisation and operates in a unique setting. Our staff promote and uphold the NSW Health CORE Values of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment, making the Network great place to work.

The Network is committed to creating a culture of organisational learning and professional development for all staff. We offer a wide range of opportunities to further develop your professional skills, and we are affiliated with some of Australia's leading universities.

Unique clinical environment

  • Delivering health care services in custodial, inpatient and community settings including, adult correctional centres, juvenile justice centres, courts, police cells, Long Bay Hospital and the Forensic Hospital
  • Statewide service located at over 90 locations across metropolitan, regional and remote NSW

Variety of clinical specialties

  • Mental health, psychiatry, drug and alcohol, adolescent health, Aboriginal health, population health, primary and women’s health, allied health, pharmacy and general practice

Making a difference

  • A highly vulnerable patient population with chronic and complex health needs
  • Adult and adolescent custodial patients
  • Forensic patients

Excellent professional development opportunities

  • Access to a variety of learning and development opportunities
  • Career advancement opportunities
  • Long and short term leave coverage
  • Temporary positions
  • Internal secondments, projects and research
  • Statewide employment opportunities across metropolitan, regional and remote NSW.  Click here to see our locations