The Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC) Clinical Leadership Program (CLP) is a 12 month program for clinicians wishing to develop and enhance their clinical leadership skills. It aims to improve strategies for sustainable patient safety and system improvement, through the developmentof strong clinical leadership capabilities.

The Clinical Leadership Program (CLP) is offered at two levels: the Foundational and Executive level.

The Foundational Program

The Foundational Program is aimed at middle clinicians and managers. It uses a practice development framework and is delivered within Justice Health/Forensic Mental Health Network by a facilitator employed by the organisation.

The Foundational CLP is an experiential model, exploring and building on leadership within the health setting, knowledge of self, team dynamics and process improvement. The program is multidisciplinary in nature and participants are required to undertake a work-based improvement project, with coaching and support provided by local facilitators.

It aims to enhance the capacity of clinicians to lead sustainable system improvement and patient safety initiatives; to work more effectively with available clinical information and resources; and to develop a culture of patient-centred care within an environment that supports work-based learning.

The Executive Program

The Executive Program is aimed at senior clinician managers and is delivered centrally in Sydney by experts who have worked extensively in the areas of leadership, communication and professional development in a health care context.

The Executive program aims to enhance:

  • the understanding of clinicians about the workings of NSW Health,
  • knowledge of contemporary approaches to patient safety and clinical quality systems,
  • the skills of clinicians in relation to communication, conflict resolution and team leadership within an environment of health care resource limitation,
  • the ability of clinicians to influence the direction of health policy, and
  • personal and professional clinical leadership skills.

Participants are required to undertake a work-based improvement project.

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