Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Justice Health NSW) aims to break down barriers to clinical training within high secure forensic and custodial environments for undergraduate health professionals. This investment in clinical education supports the Network in its endeavour to become an employer of choice and developing expertise that are transferrable across every context of health care.

The Student Placement Program co-ordinates clinical placements of all undergraduate students across Justice Health NSW. The program has been developed in consultation with education provider to ensure that students achieve their objectives and experience a range of clinical experiences that enhance their educational understanding of health care in custodial settings. These placements offer an opportunity to a unique environment where they will observe and participate in the complexities of working within a multidisciplinary team in correction, community and forensic mental health environments.

A valid Student Placement Agreement and Operational Schedule between Justice Health NSW and the Education Provider are required before students can attend placements. All placements are booked through ClinConnect, which is a web-based application that supports Local Health Districts and the Education Provider to facilitate and manage clinical training demand and capacity.  The ClinConnect Coordinator for Justice Health NSW is the Student Placement Coordinator. 

Justice Health NSW provides an excellent insight into the changing face of health care delivery, including multidisciplinary health care, primary care, mental health and the relationship between health and broader social-economic factors.

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All inquiries regarding student placement should be directed via email to student.placements@justicehealth.nsw.gov.au

Interprofessional Student Program Video 

Recent student feedback

“The only thing that was bad about this placement was that it has made me regret not having applied for a TPP position with the Network!”

“We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for accommodating us over the past two weeks and we look forward to hopefully working alongside you all in the future.”

“Thank you also for making me feel so welcome and sharing your professional skills with me which I feel will enrich me in my future career.”

“Fantastic placement. Great to see lots of different areas of medicine and the use of a multi-disciplinary team.”