Message from the Chief Executive

 Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network fulfils a valuable role in improving the health status of those who come into contact with the forensic mental health system and the criminal justice systems, while also minimising the health consequences of incarceration on individuals, their families and the general community. Commitment to providing the best possible health care to our clients is our key focus.

The JH&FMHN Strategic Plan 2013-2017 outlines the key priorities and actions for the Network  over the next five years to help ensure continued improvements in the health status of those in our care, and an enhanced working environment for our staff.


The Forensic Hospital, Sydney
The Forensic Hospital, Sydney
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  • Patient information service information brochure
    Patient Information Service
    Patient health service information brochure.
  • GIPA - Right To Information
    GIPA - Right To Information
    The GIPA Act is designed to meet community expectations of a more open and transparent Government for the people of NSW.
  • Careers at J&FMHN
    Careers at J&FMHN
    J&FMHN supports a highly vulnerable patient population and is committed to excellence and expertise across our services and our staff. Come join us!