Network staff and centres may be affected by bushfires this summer.

Staff and patient safety is paramount – at work and at home – so please take care.

If staff are unable to attend work due to bushfire risk, or it's unsafe to get home and you need help with accommodation, please contact your manager in the first instance. The secondary contact is Deb Little, A/Deputy Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services.

Staff will be contacted if there are any changes to their Centre's operations. 

To contact the Network's Emergency Response Command Team HQ call 9700 3925. 

Leave options for affected staff

If staff are affected by the bushfires, they must must, wherever possible, contact their manager if they will be absent. The following leave options may be accessed by directly affected staff:

  • Family and Community Service (FACS) leave - for staff unable to attend due to road closures, planned or unplanned personal matters including family commitments, or centre closures.
  • Special Leave - for staff volunteering with emergency services or those without leave entitlements who are unable to attend work due to road closures etc, with CE approval.
  • The use of other leave balances may be negotiated with managers in individual circumstances.

Standard leave forms need to be processed with details on the leave type and reason, and managers should check available leave balances. 


What you can do to stay safe

  • Prepare and enact your personal bushfire plan if you live in an affected area.
  • Reach out for support from your manager, colleagues or our EAP provider, LifeWorks, (Access code: Justice OR phone: 1300 361 008).
  • Take steps to avoid heat-related illness, such as staying well hydrated, and keep an eye out for signs of heat stress in yourself, colleagues and patients.
  • Take precautions to avoid health impacts from smoke, including reliever medication, staying indoors and avoiding physical activity.
  • Be aware of local business continuity and emergency plans.
  • Avoid any unnecessary travel, and do not enter high-risk areas such as bush land or national parks.

What we’re doing

  • Key staff are providing regular updates on the status of facilities, staff, patients, and clinical supplies to coordinate necessary support.
  • Patient appointments are being rescheduled where needed due to restricted patient access.
  • We’ll keep you updated on verified information as it comes to hand, and will publish this on the Network website so it's accessible if you're offsite.
  • We've identified mental health liaison officers to support staff. For assistance, please contact the A/Service Director Custodial Mental Health on 9700 3000.

Useful links for the latest updates

  • Monitor the status of ‘fires near me’ on the NSW Rural Fire Service website.
  • Listen for updates on ABC local radio in your area. (search frequency here)
  • Check for closures or changes in road conditions on Live Traffic NSW.
  • Check the latest fire warning level for your region here, including a list view of local government areas.
  • NSW Department of Education School Safety announcements.
  • Weather updates from Bureau of Meteorology.

Information on this page will be regularly updated as required. As this is a changing situation, please refer to the above links and latest advice from your manager.