Justice Health NSW welcomes families and carers as partners in care. Justice Health NSW staff aim to include families and carers in assessment, treatment and discharge planning processes. Our approach to partnering with families and carers aligns with the NSW Carers Charter. Click here to download your copy.

If the person you care for is living with mental illness, it can be a confusing and frustrating time. There are people you can talk to that can help you navigate the criminal justice and forensic mental health systems

Support is available for the families and carers of people with a mental illness accessing our mental health services. Click here for information about services and supports through The NSW Family and Carer Mental Health Program.


Caring for our patients at the Forensic Hospital

Many forensic patients spend time in custody before transferring to the Forensic Hospital. Once admitted, their recovery and rehabilitation can commence with a view to improving wellbeing and safety. The recovery journey in the Forensic Hospital can be a lengthy one for some. Your loved one’s team work therapeutically to address mental health needs and behaviours that contributed to them becoming involved in the forensic mental health system. We acknowledge that admission to the Forensic Hospital often follows a harrowing time for patients, carers and family, some of whom are themselves victims. We hope these videos are informative and offer reassurance about what patients might experience while they are in our care at the Forensic Hospital.

Meet the team


About the Forensic Hospital: Sharing a family's experience