Integrated Care enables care to be provided in a way that reflects the whole of a person’s health needs; from prevention through to end of life, across both physical and mental health, and in partnership with the individual, their carers and family. It brings together inputs, delivery, management and organisation of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion. Integration is a way to improve access, quality and the patient experience.

The Network Integrated Care Service (ICS) aims to support and enhance the existing systems to provide an integrated model of care for adult patients in custody and on release into the community with chronic or complex health conditions.  The ICS provides values based, innovative model of care across four main focus areas:
  • Chronic and or complex disease management
  • Provision of specialist care
  • Cancer care
  • Post release follow up
The aim of the ICS is to monitor patients from entry at reception through custody and post release into the community, ensuring they receive seamless, timely, appropriate and effective health care. This is delivered through:
  • Improved identification and proactive management of patients with chronic and/ or complex health needs
  • Coordination of multidisciplinary care integrating Medical, Nursing, Allied Health and Mental Health, to improve patient outcomes
  • Reduction of hospital admissions related to acute exacerbation of chronic illness
  • Provision of a safety net for patients throughout their journey through the Criminal Justice and Forensic Mental Health systems to better identify, assess and manage patients
  • Successful transfer of patient care to community health care providers upon release from custody.