The Network provides quality and equitable dental service, and oral health and hygiene education to patients throughout NSW Correctional Centres, Juvenile Justice Centres, Long Bay and Forensic Hospitals.

Dental services for the Network patients are equivalent to those available to the general public through public health services or if required, in private dental practices as part of the Oral Health Fee for Service Scheme.

The clinical oral health services are classified as routine free dental services to all patients in accordance with relevant NSW Ministry of Health Policy Directives and Guidelines.

Non-routine dental services, which are not itemised on the routine free dental services table, may be obtained at the Sydney Dental Hospital or the Westmead Centre for Oral Health subject to criteria and waiting times.

Key role and responsibilities of the Oral Health Services

  • To ensure that staff and patients are aware of the dental services available.
  • Educate patients and promote oral health and hygiene in line with oral health evidence based practice.
  • Provide high quality and equitable delivery of dental care so that patients are free of oral pain and disease
  • Ensure that dental services are provided equitably on the basis of clinical need and priority of care
  • Assist in the overall holistic care of the patient