Network Population Health unit has responsibility for the delivery of specialised clinical services across the state. These services reflect those of specialist HIV, Hepatitis, Sexual Health and Harm Minimisation services in the general community.

Clinical services encompass screening for, and management of, both blood-borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections, and the co-ordination of specialist Hepatitis and Immunology services. Clinical service provision also includes coordinating the management of patients who report sexual assault.

The Population Health unit also provides services aligned with Public Health Units in the community and population-focused health improvement initiatives that are specific to the NSW custodial environment including health protection, disease prevention, surveillance, infection control, immunisation, communicable diseases outbreak management and environmental health.

Service delivery is achieved via a central team which includes a Service Director, Clinical Director, C Clinical Nurse Consultants with specific domains of practice in Sexual Health/Hepatitis C, Public Health and Infection Control. This team provides clinical support to all staff.

The team also includes a Programs Manager Blood Borne Viruses (BBV) Heath Promotion Manager, Public Health Surveillance Officer, Bio preparedness Officer and an Environmental Health Officer.

Specialist medical services for hepatitis and sexual health including HIV are provided by Visiting Medical Officers’ contracts or through Memorandums of Understanding.


Population Health Services

Clinical Services
  • Prevention, Screening and Management of Blood-Borne Viruses
  • Prevention, Screening and Management of Sexually Transmissible Infections
  • Management of clients who report Sexual Assault
Public Health Services (Disease Prevention, Health Protection)
  • Environmental Health
  • Infection Control
  • Outbreak Prevention and Management
  • Immunisation
  • Surveillance
Health Promotion/Improvement
  • Harm Minimisation
  • Health Promotion
  • Policy Development.