Aboriginal Chronic Care Program

What is it?

The Aboriginal Chronic Care Program (ACCP) is for any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander peoples. close the gap accp.png

Our nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers meet with mob in gaol to check their health.

For mob with sickness that lasts a long time like:

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Breathing problems
  • Other serious sickness

How can it help me? aboriginal artwork.png

Our team are here to support our mob: 

  • We can help you speak to health staff and cultural support
  • Yearly health check to see how you are doing

  • Health coaching to help you understand your health

  • If you have a serious or long-lasting sickness, they will refer you to a Care Coordinator for extra help.

What happens when you see the team? phone.JPG

1. You will get an appointment to see the Aboriginal Chronic Care team

2. We will yarn with you about your health

3. We will do some tests to check if you are well

4. Once we get your results, we will call you back for another appointment and make a plan with you

How can I get help? 

Dial 5 on the yard phone or ask a nurse.