What is sexual assault?

Sexual Assault is when a person is forced or tricked into sexual acts against their will and without their consent.

Feeling safe in your environment is important in custody. Feeling safe again after an assault includes feeling safe again within your own body. This may include attending to any injuries and other health needs.

An offender might be:

  • A stranger
  • Someone you have a relationship with
  • Someone in a more powerful position than you

 You have options to increase your safety:

  • Report any form of sexual assault to a Justice Health Staff member. Justice Health staff can support you through this journey.
  • Report any form of sexual assault to Corrective Services. They will let Justice Health staff know.
  • Justice Health can assist reporting this offence to the police to possibly have the offender charged.
  • Staying with other people you trust can help to keep you safe.
  • If you are in danger - report this immediately to Corrective Services or knock up from your cell.
  • If you do not want to report this to Corrective Services, then report this to Justice Health.

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