Health services are provided by Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network (Justice Health NSW). 

Justice Health NSW is separate from Corrective Services NSW and is part of the NSW public health system.

You have the right to safe and quality care. If you have questions about your healthcare rights, or want more health information, speak with a nurse.


If you need to see a nurse or a doctor:

  • Fill in a Patient Self-Referral Form and leave it in the secure box in your wing. The clinic staff will let you know when they will see you.
  • If you are referred to a specialist nurse or doctor, you will be placed on the waiting list for that service.


Health centre services

Justice Health NSW provide different services for your health needs. They include:

  • Primary Care - GP/doctor and nurses
  • Drug and Alcohol (D&A)
  • Public Sexual Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health - Mental Health Nurse, Psychiatrist by referral
  • Chronic Care (long-standing/complex health issues)
  • Optometry (eye check)
  • Oral Health (dentist)
  • Physiotherapy

These services are provided by nurses, doctors, and other health staff.

Most health services are delivered in custody, but you may need to see a specialist at a local hospital.

Quick tips

Medical emergencies

For emergencies during ‘let go’ let the officers know and they will call a nurse.

For emergencies after ‘lock-in’ press the ‘knock-up’ button in your cell and speak with the officer. They will call the nurse.



If you take medication, it is your responsibility to collect it daily.

You must show your photo ID each time you collect your medication.


24 hour Mental Health Helpline

If you are you feeling down, feel like you have had enough, or if you are worried about someone - call the free Mental Health Helpline using the phone in your wing.

Dial MIN/pin number, Press 2, then press 9.

Mental health staff can help you and can refer you to mental health services.