Do you have a Chronic Condition? Integrated Care Services can help

Integrated Care Services is for people with chronic, long-lasting or serious health problems. 

You can get this service if you have: 

  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • heart disease
  • breathing problems
  • other serious health problems

Speak with a nurse, Aboriginal Health Worker or call the Patient Health Enquiry Line (number 5) on the yard phone, to speak with us.

How can it help me when I'm released? patient and doctor.png

Your will have a Care Coordinator to help you when you're leaving gaol. This includes: 

  • Help to book a doctor (GP) appointment
  • Help to organise referrals to see a specialist
  • Help link you with other support services

Once you are released, they will stay in touch and see how you are going with your health.

Hear from a patient

Integrated Care Service Patient Story

Set goals for your release

Your Care Coordinator will work with you on a Support Care Plan when you are getting released. Here is what it will look like: 

Area of Need Goal (What I want) Intervention (What can I do to work towards this goal) Time Frame
Physical health      
Drug and alcohol      
Mental health      

Transport when released:




Release address: 




Documents I need: