Why staying active in gaol is important


Move your body every day

It keeps you healthy and can prevent you getting health problems and diseases as you get older.

It can help if you’re feeling up and down or you sometimes get stuck doing head miles.

Setting a goal for your health and fitness gives you something to work towards and makes you feel good.

A daily routine is a good thing too.

Exercising or training with a buddy like your cellie is a good way to help each other.


Set a fitness goal for yourself      30min clock.JPG

  • Your 30 minute activity goal needs to be a bit of a challenge, but not so big that it puts you off starting.
  • Think about what you have done in the past that has increased your level of fitness and made you feel good. Think how you can adapt that for where you are right now.
  • Your 30 minutes can be split up into 15 or 10 minute sessions. 
  • You don't have to do the same activity each session.
  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water.

your fit goal.JPG


Tips for staying active

Some ideas for moving more

exercise example 1.JPG

Simple exercises you can do in your cell

15 repetitions x 3 sets for each exercise 

exercise example 2.JPG