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About tablet based myVC video (VirtualCare) consultations

  • To arrive in the virtual waiting room, click on the link for the specific service. Arrive on time as confirmed by the service.
  • For single patient consultation: type in the Patients’ Full Name (under Full Name* section). Under Your role* select ‘patient, client, consumer’
  • For a virtual clinic/multiple patients seen: type in the Health Centre Name (under Patient Name* section). Under Your role* select ‘patient, client, consumer’
  • Always test camera and microphone under Video and Audio Settings before you connect with the clinician/coordinator.
  • Take standard OBS incl. BP/HR/Temp/Oxygen/Weight/Height and provide to the clinician once connected.
  • At the end of the consultation/clinic, click the red receiver call function to hang up and help complete the Patient Satisfaction Survey which will pop up.
  • Clear browser history before you return the tablet. To check and clear your browser history;
    • Double click on home screen to see any opened windows/applications.
    • Click the cross button on each window to close or swipe up to close. If this does not work, turn the tablet OFF and ON again


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Justice Health NSW Service/Program

myVC Waiting Room Link

JHFN Aboriginal Chronic Care Program

JHFN Adolescent Mental Health Clinic

JHFN Adolescent Primary Health

JHFN After Hours Nurse Manager

JHFN Cancer Care Coordinator

JHFN Connections

JHFN Custodial Mental Health

JHFN Dermatology

JHFN Diabetes Management and Support

JHFN Dietitian Clinic

JHFN Drug & Alcohol Virtual Clinic

JHFN Eating Disorders Coordinator

JHFN Integrated Care

JHFN Long Bay Hospital

JHFN Lilly Pilly Service for Women

JHFN Mental Health Consultation Liaison Nurse (MHCLN) Clinic

JHFN Midwife Clinic

JHFN Nurse Practitioner Primary Care

JHFN Occupational Therapy

JHFN Older Persons Clinic

JHFN Oral Health Tele-Smiles

JHFN Physiotherapy

JHFN Police Cells Virtual Health Service

JHFN Population Health


JHFN Specialist Mental Health Service - Older People (SMHSOP)

JHFN Suicide Prevention Outreach Service

JHFN Virtual GP Clinic

JHFN Women's Clinic

JHFN Wound and Stoma Care

JHFN External Virtual Medical Appointments (on request only/facilitated by Virtual Care Team)


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Hunter New England (HNE) LHD myVC links

Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (ISLHD) myVC links

Murrumbidgee LHD myVC links

Northern NSW LHD myVC links


SESLHD/Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH)


 myVC Waiting Room Link

POWH OPD Adult Outpatients Department (incl. Virtual Cardiology Clinic)

POWH Aged Care Department

POWH Cancer and Haematology


POWH Dermatology

POWH Endocrinology and Diabetes Clinic

POWH Epilepsy Service


POWH Immunology

POWH NeuRA Clinics

POWH Nutrition and Dietetics Service Nutrition and Dietetics

POWH Occupational Therapy

POWH Ophthalmology Pre-Admissions

POWH Pain Management

POWH Palliative Care

POWH Physiotherapy

POWH Renal Supportive Care Team

POWH Renal Transplant Service

POWH Respiratory Co-ordinated Care Program (RCCP)

POWH Rheumatology

POWH Social Work

POWH Speech Pathology

SESLHD Royal hospital for Women - Gynaecological Oncology Service

SESLHD Drug and Alcohol Service

SESLHD ESMHS Neuropsychiatric Institute

SESLHD ESMHS Older People's Mental Health Service

SESLHD Metabolic Disorders and Bariatric Surgery Outpatient Service

SESLHD Royal Hospital for Women Gynaecology Outpatients

SESLHD Royal Hospital for Women Physiotherapy Department

SESLHD Sydney Eye Hospital Outpatients Department

SESLHD Sydney Eye Hospital Social Work

SESLHD Sydney Hospital Hand Clinic


SESLHD TSH Respiratory Service

SESLHD Virtual Care Remote Monitoring System


For support contact JHNSW Virtual Care Team on or call 9700 3085