Dried Blood Spot (DBS) testing is:

  • an easy and quick way to test for HIV and hepatitis C.
  • more convenient as a nurse will come to you to complete the test.
  • simple and only mild discomfort from a finger-prick test is common
  • only one finger prick needed to get the blood sample
  • totally confidential.

What is a DBS test?

dbs 1.JPGdbs2.JPG

  • A DBS test is a free, easy and accurate way to test for HIV and/or hepatitis C.
  • The test works by putting a few drops of blood from your finger on a test card and leaving it to dry.
  • The card is then sent to a laboratory to test if your blood has HIV and/or hepatitis C.

Can anyone get a DBS test?

  • To have the DBS test in a NSW adult correctional centre you must be able to give independent informed consent
  • You can have a DBS test for hepatitis C because you have served time in a correctional facility and you can agree to have a HIV test.

How will I get my results?

  • Your dried blood spot will be sent to a laboratory to test if the blood has HIV and/or hepatitis C.
  • You can expect to get your results about two weeks after the test.
  • When the result of your DBS test is ready, if a positive test result is returned a nurse at your location will contact you for further testing.
  • If you have been released from custody and a positive test result has been returned, a nurse from Sexual Health Info Link (SHIL) will contact you with your results and discuss further follow up with you.

For more information, please talk to a nurse at your local Health Centre.