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Sexually Transmissible Infections (STIs)

  • STIs are infections that can be passed from one person to another during sex. Anybody who is sexually active can be infected with an STI.

Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs)

  • BBVs are viruses that some people carry in their blood. These viruses are spread by blood to blood contact and in some cases sexual contact. People with STI or BBV may have few or no symptoms.
  • Anyone can get an STI or BBV and may not have symptoms. Testing is important for everyone. Anything you do which allows another person's blood or body fluid (semen or vaginal fluid) to come into contact with your blood or body fluid can put you at risk.
  • The main way BBVs spread in prison is through the sharing of injecting equipment. You are at a high risk of getting hepatitis C and bacterial infections if you share injecting equipment in prison.

Clean and disinfect fits/syringes in 3 steps with FINCOL

  • FINCOL is a disinfectant used to clean injecting equipment or anything that has contact with blood. Following cleaning instructions correctly is important.

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How can I avoid getting an STI or BBV?

You can get condoms, dental dams and FINCOL in all prisons. Speak with the nurse if you have a problem getting condoms, dental dams or FINCOL.

  • Check with the nurse that your vaccines are up-to-date
  • Always use condoms or dental dams when having oral, anal or vaginal sex
  • Avoid injecting drugs in prison. Avoid sharing injecting equipment
  • If you do share injecting equipment, clean and disinfect everything with FINCOL
  • Make sure all tattooing equipment is cleaned and disinfected with FINCOL
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water before preparing any injecting or tattooing equipment
  • Do not share toothbrushes, razors or nail clippers
  • Do not get a zero cut from the barber
  • Use disposable gloves inside the boxing gloves
  • Avoid getting into fights
  • Avoid all direct contact with blood and bodily fluids spills
  • Wash your hands and brush your teeth before oral, anal or vaginal sex

For more information on Aboriginal sexual health community supports, visit this website

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For more information speak with the nurse or call Prison Hepatitis InfoLine. On the phone in your wing dial MIN+PIN, select option 2, then choose option 03.