The Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network Strategic Plan reflects ongoing, new and emerging challenges and opportunities faced by Justice Health NSW and sets the direction for the organisation. 

  • 2023 - 2032 Strategic Plan 

Since early 2022, Justice Health NSW has been developing the 2022 – 2032 Strategic Plan Together for Healthier Tomorrows to shape our work over the next ten years. Consultation for development of the plan was held between January to June 2022 and incorporated an all-staff survey; 25 online and face to face consultations with more than 200 staff, cross-government and community stakeholders at all levels; a survey for an additional 20 external agencies; and a series of consultations specifically seeking patients’ views. Consultants developed an Insights Report synthesising feedback from the consultations, identifying cross-sectoral themes and identifying key strategic focus areas aligned with Future Health strategic framework developed by NSW Health. Development of Together for Healthier Tomorrows is on track for an anticipated launch date in December 2022.


  • 2018 - 2022 

Detailed Strategic Plan 

Summary Strategic Plan