Below are the current research projects being undertaken by the Network. 

  • Patients’ Experiences and Perceptions Study – Qualitative Study

    Aim: To develop an accurate understanding of patients’ evaluation of their healthcare while incarcerated using a qualitative approach.
  • FIT HEART – Feasibility of an Intervention Targeting Health through Exergaming as an Alternative to Routine Treatment

    Aim: To investigate the feasibility, acceptability and potential effectiveness of a novel intervention (exergaming) to promote physical activity among patients of secure mental health units.
  • BANGAMALHANA: A collaborative throughcare program to support social and emotional wellbeing of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island females transitioning from prison to community

    Aim: The aim of the Bangamalhana project is to improve the social and emotional wellbeing of incarcerated Aboriginal women aged 18-24 years transitioning from NSW prisons to community. This will be achieved through the co-design and leveraging of existing formal throughcare to be ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of culture, gender and age.

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