The Forensic Mental Health Research Team, led by Professor Kimberlie Dean (Chair in Forensic Mental Health, UNSW) has been established to develop a robust and integrated program of priority-driven research that is focused on clinically relevant aetiological and interventional research. 

The overall objective of the team is to contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for those with mental illness in contact with the criminal justice system in NSW.

The team is committed to producing high-quality scientific research that will inform future policy and service development initiatives locally and nationally, as well as contributing to the international evidence base. The team’s work includes:

  • directly undertaking and or leading research projects
  • working collaboratively with Justice Health NSW’s Research Unit and Research Strategy Team
  • supporting clinicians and other researchers across Justice Health NSW in developing and carrying out clinical research projects in forensic mental health
  • providing research training to clinical staff; and
  • supporting clinicians in higher degree research activities.

Current projects

  • Mental health screening in reception centres
  • A prison-release Critical-Time Intervention (CTI) embedded in a new approach to prison mental health screening in NSW
  • Care pathways of individuals diverted from local court into the mental health system in New South Wales


Professor Kimberlie Dean

Chair in Forensic Mental Health and Clinical Academic



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