How do I apply?

  1. Review the following checklist for information on documents required for your application – Ethics Submission Checklist. Where appropriate, include page numbers, version numbers and version dates in document footers.
  2. Prepare your application and submit this through the Research Ethics Governance Information System (REGIS). You may be asked to make changes, provide clarification, or attach additional documentation.
  3. Once your application is finalised and deemed eligible, it will be reviewed by the Human Research Ethics Committee at the next scheduled meeting.
  4. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Research Governance & Ethics Officer on (02) 9700 3443 or at


How does the HREC review applications?

Applications are reviewed at meetings that are held every 8-10 weeks.

To view the HREC meeting schedule, go to Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

How will I be notified of the outcome?

You will be notified of the HREC’s decision shortly after the meeting, with two possible outcomes:

  1. Ethical and scientific approval; or
  2. Request for further information.

Should the HREC ask for further information, you will be asked to respond to the queries in writing by a specified due date.

Should the HREC grant approval, you must then apply for Aboriginal Reference Group (ARG) Endorsement if the research is JH&FMHN partnered or led (Step 3), Aboriginal Health & Medical Research Council HREC Approval (Step 4) and Site Specific Assessment or Access Request Review (Step 5). All steps must be completed for you to commence your research activity.

External research ethics review processes

In addition to JH&FMHN HREC review, research studies may also require review by:

  1. NSW Public Health Organisation HRECs;
  2. University HRECs;
  3. Corrective Services Ethics Committee; and
  4. Juvenile Justice Research and Evaluation Steering Committee.

Researchers are encouraged to seek advice from the relevant organisations regarding review and approval processes that apply to each study.

Applications may be reviewed concurrently via different processes. However, all required approvals must be obtained prior to commencing research at any Network sites.