How do I apply?

  1. Review the following checklist for information on documents required for your application – SSA Submission Checklist. Where appropriate, include page numbers, version numbers and version dates in document footers.
  2. Prepare your application and submit this through the Research Ethics Governance Information System (REGIS). You may be asked to make changes, provide clarification, or attach additional documentation.
  3. Once your application is finalised and deemed eligible, it will be reviewed by the Research Governance and Ethics Officer and Chief Executive for authorisation.
  4. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact the Research Governance & Ethics Officer on (02) 9700 3443 or at

How are applications reviewed?

Upon completion, applications are required to seek a Declaration of Support from relevant Network Executive Director(s). Following this, applications will be reviewed by the Network's Research Governance and Ethics Officer and Chief Executive (CE) for authorisation.

How will I be notified of the outcome?

You will be notified of the CE’s decision in writing. The CE may or may not grant authorisation, even if your study has been endorsed by the RAC and approved by the HREC.

Authorisation by the CE must be granted in order for you to commence research.

External research governance review processes

In addition to the Network's review processes for SSA or ARR, research studies may also require review by:

  1. NSW Public Health Organisations;
  2. Universities;
  3. Other sites/organisations where the research will be conducted.

If you are planning on conducting research at one of the privately operated correctional centres in NSW, Parklea or Junee, you must seek approval from the private institution operating the centre and not the Network:

Researchers are encouraged to seek advice from the relevant organisations regarding review and
approval processes that apply to each study.

Applications may be submitted and reviewed concurrently, however, site specific authorisation from the Network Chief Executive must be granted prior to commencing research at any Network sites.